Mother's Day in Yellowstone

Mother's Day was a WOW—Wonder full Outdoor Wonderland. For the first time we saw a herd—yes, herd of Bighorn Rams—all ages—playing, feeding, posturing—a bit of head banging—then huddling. Never seen this before. Watched a wolf, hawks, Mountain blue birds, Northern flicker, Sandhill crane, baby bison-known as red dogs. On the drive home the Absorkas with snowy peaks lighted pink by salmon and peach in the sunset sky.

Echoes of Wolf

The print in the snow is the size of my hand. We missed the wolf by about an hour. Still, the knowing that he was there sends chills through me. For the rest of the day in Yellowstone Park—mountain blue birds have returned and flew ribbons of azure along the road, bison alternately pawed through snow and ran circles in bare spots to rough them up for a dust bath, pronghorn antelope grazed on old grass, a coyote hunted, a red-tailed hawk circled me with shadows and his "screeee".

It's always a treasure day in the Park.